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Roster Report

How do I use the Roster Report?

RIVET’s Roster Report provides an overview of where workers are on what days by job. View your Roster Report by the day, week or choose custom dates that span 7 days or less. Your Roster Report can be shared or printed to keep your team informed.Roster Report

1. Navigate to the Roster and select Report.

2. You can view the Roster Report by the day, week, or choose custom dates.

Note: You can only choose dates that span 7 days or less

3. Narrow the report further by using the View By and Group By drop downs, as well as the Sort and Filter tools.

Tip: You can save your view to create personalized reports.

4. Reorganize the report to your liking by selecting Columns or clicking and dragging individual columns.

5. Send the Roster Report by clicking on the share icon found in the top right corner.