System & IT Requirements

Adhere to the following system requirements detailing which browsers we support with best practices for your IT configuration.


Supported Browsers

IT Configuration

Network Environment

Email and SMS


Desktop Browsers:

Browser Latest Tested Version Recommended version Update instructions
Chrome v. 119 latest Link
Firefox v. 103 latest Link
Safari v. 17 latest Link
Microsoft Edge v. 104 latest Link

Mobile & Tablet Web Browsers:

Browser Latest Tested Version Recommended version Update instructions
Safari v. 15 latest Link
Chrome v. 104 latest Link

If you’re running into issues with using RIVET in your web browser, review RIVET’s troubleshooting workflow here.

Tip: Some RIVET features may not be accessible using a browser with ad-blockers. Disable any ad-blocker extensions when using

IT Configuration

This section is for IT or network administrators in charge of managing an organization’s network. If you ever need a hand with troubleshooting connection issues, we’re here to help.

RIVET uses an SSL secure connection from the browser over port 443.

Proxies and firewalls can sometimes interrupt this connection. If someone using RIVET can’t connect from a specific location, or if there’s an invalid certificate error, you’ll need to adjust your proxy or firewall to allow the connection to RIVET. Here’s how:

Network Environment

Certain software, security settings, and firewalls can interfere with RIVET connections:

Antivirus or ad-blocking software

  • Avast
  • McAfee
  • Norton
  • AVG
  • AdBlock Plus

Temporarily turning off your antivirus, ad-blocking software or browser extensions may help you troubleshoot your connection issue. If this fixes the issue, check to make sure and are allowed in the software.

Email and SMS

RIVET sends outbound communications through email and SMS.

  1. To ensure delivery of all email messages, update your email server to allow all emails from the domains and
  2. To ensure SMS message delivery, please whitelist the phone number ‭+1 (833) 813-4393‬ on all mobile devices using RIVET.