Resource Map

Resource Map

RIVET’s Resource Map feature displays a geographic view of your entire field in real time. You can plan your day around job site locations, easily fill emergency labor requests by finding workers who are nearby and visualize where your workers will be in the future. Leave manual data entry in other systems behind by putting your workforce and jobs on the map.

Note: Must have Scheduler-level permission level to access this feature.

1. Select Map from the left-side navigation. If this is your first time using the map, there may be a request for location services. Once you grant access, the map will focus on your device’s location.

2. At the top of the map, you while find the tool bar where you can control the view by selecting Jobs or WorkersView by which reflects display groups, as well as your standard filters.

3. Choose to display the map with the Jobs View or Workers View by selecting either icon on the top left of the screen.

Jobs View:

Your jobs list will populate in a drawer on the left side of map. In addition to providing the address and status, there are action buttons associated with each job. You can View, Edit, or Target the job.

Tip: To close the drawer, simply select the orange circle with the triangle in the middle.

1. Choose a group to display on the map by utilizing the drop-down options listed under View By. Note, that the legend will change to coincide with what you selected to view.

2. Use Status and Tags to narrow your search.

Should you choose Target Job, a radius will display around the targeted job and the map will shift to the Worker View.

3. The Worker View will present a list of available workers that fall within the radius of the targeted job and how far they are from the job.

4. You can adjust your scope to increase or decrease the distance in miles of workers in proximity to the job by shifting the slider under Radius. You also have the option to see workers outside of the radius.

Tip: Narrow your search further using the filtering tools or View By found at the top of the map.

5. Select Contact via SMS to send a message to the list of workers inviting them to work the targeted job.

You also have the option to schedule workers that lie within the radius. Simply select a worker chip on the map. Worker chips are signified with letters which indicate their job role. Once selected, you can edit their profile, build a schedule for the targeted job, flag for transfer, or target the worker on the map.

Tip: You can perform these same actions from the worker list.

Worker View:

 If you begin your navigation from the Worker View, you will again see the list of your workforce and their chips on the map. From the worker list you can view and or edit their profile, build a schedule, or target a worker on the map. Should you choose to target a worker, the map will shift to their location.

Tip: Quickly find a specific worker using the search bar at the top of the worker list. If you choose to target this worker, the map will shift and center over their location.

1. Use the sorting filters to find workers by Status, Roles, Tags, & Certifications.  You can also use Workers at to display workers at Home or at a Scheduled Location.

Tip: From both the Job Worker Views you can drop a pin on the map by clicking any point on the map. Once you click the map, a pin location will pop up with the address and you have the option to target the location. Once targeted, a radius will display around the pin with the jobs and location that fall within it.