04.17.23 Release notes

New features, customer requests, product improvements

Weekly Certification Emails

It's now possible to receive Weekly Certification Emails.

Admin users can enable an email report every Monday morning at 8 AM EST that lists all workers with expiring certifications within 30 days. RIVET’s first custom report of many!

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Labor Forecast Performance Improvements

We overhauled the Labor Forecast, and it's now much faster!

Under the hood, the entire forecast feature is new. This means a much faster experience for RIVET users, with the ability to forecast 10 years into the future and easily jump into any date. The page itself is the same forecasting experience you're used to.

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Custom Absence Types

It's now possible to create Custom Absence Types.

Admin users can now curate their absence types to reflect what they actually use at their company. Track planned absences like vacation separate form unplanned absences like no shows. Just like before, mark workers absent anywhere in RIVET where you see a workers name by clicking and pulling up their baseball card.

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Forecast & Labor Request Badges on Job Schedule

The Jobs Schedule view now has badges that reflect the status of forecasting and labor requests. These badges can be turned on and off your schedule view with the “Content” button on the top right of the schedule.

  • Green forecast (F) badges indicate the right amount of labor is scheduled against the labor forecast.
  • Yellow forecast (F) badges indicate that more labor is scheduled than forecasted.
  • Red forecast (F) badges indicate not enough labor is scheduled against the forecast.
  • The labor request (R) badge indicates the number of labor requests are on the job.



Bug Fixes

  • Now able to Clear Schedules from Schedule Drawer
  • Clicking on a message will send the user to that specific message instead of the top of their inbox
  • Removed extra characters from text dispatches
  • Bulk add job tags now works correctly
  • Quick Mode in Schedule Builder now works as intended