8.25.23 Release Notes

New features, customer requests, product improvements

Keyboard Shortcuts In RIVET

Workforce/Jobs Schedule Views

cmd (Mac) or ctrl (PC) - Holding this button, clicking and dragging allows the user to schedule a worker on an alternate job. The user will be presented with a search option to find the alternate job they intend to schedule for.


cmd+shift (Mac) or ctrl+shift (PC) -  Holding these, clicking and dragging will delete schedule segments. The user will be presented with a confirmation once they release their click, before the segments are deleted.


opt (Mac) or alt (PC) - Holding these and clicking in the gantt chart give you the ability to paint schedule segments in the gantt.



New "Transfer" and "Delete" Buttons

Much like the new keyboard shortcuts in RIVET, these buttons will change the action your cursor is performing on the Jobs/Workforce Schedule view.


+ Icon - You will be painting new schedules in the gantt chart. The original gantt chart experience in RIVET.

Garbage Can Icon - You will be deleting schedule segments when you click and drag over them in the gantt chart.

Two Arrows Icon - You will be scheduling this worker at an alternate job when you click or click and drag in the gantt chart.


Tweaks and Improvements

Employee IDs in RIVET

Starting on 8.25.2023 every worker in RIVET will be required to have an employee ID. If you are importing workers into RIVET and they have been provided with an employee ID from your current system, that's great. That information will be stored in RIVET correctly.

If you are importing data into RIVET and your workforce does not currently have an employee ID in your system, one will be generated for them when they enter the RIVET database. The RIVET generated employee IDs will follow the pattern: RVT-{first name}{last name}

When manually importing worker data into RIVET, it is imperative that the correct employee ID number is attached to each worker. The workforce will be duplicated if RIVET is unable to match imported workers to the correct worker ID. 


Email Addresses In RIVET

At times, one organization in RIVET may employ a worker that has already been entered into the database by a different organization. If a user attempts to add a worker with an identical email address of another profile, there are a couple of paths that worker will follow.

  1. If the worker is part of your organization but in a different division: The worker will be added to the additional devision and have the ability to switch between them.
  2. If the worker was part of a different organization in RIVET: You'll still be able to enter their information and add them to your organization. You'll be able to send emails, texts and messages to this worker as usual. However, for the time being, in order to invite this user and have them log into RIVET under your organization, you'll need to reach out to support@rivet.work


Phone Numbers In RIVET

Previously, users would get an error when entering a duplicate phone number into RIVET. Our developers have patched this issue and duplicate phone numbers will no longer present an error to the user. 


Bug Fixes

  • Unable to "Fill Value To End Date" on Forecast
  • Forecast Builder defaults in error state
  • "Clear All Filters" in Roster Board not working
  • "Show Resources Without Tags in this category" not working
  • Add Worker button not displaying workers
  • Filter by Worker Name not working as intended