Painting Worker Schedules in Workforce Schedule View. Jobs Schedule Keyboard Shortcut.

Quick-add jobs from worker cards, paint jobs and availability on Workforce Schedule.

On the Workforce Schedule View, you're able to paint schedule segments without expanding a workers card. 


With a worker card collapsed, clicking in an area of the gantt chart where the worker is not scheduled will give you the option to add another job assignment to that worker. 


With a worker's card expanded, hovering next to the Jobs bucket on the left will allow you to add another job assignment to the worker. 

Painting a segment longer than seven days will result in the schedule segment inheriting the default weekly schedule for the worker. (I.E. Default schedule is Mon-Fri. Painting a schedule for three straight weeks, the schedule will only be made for Mon-Fri and skip Sat-Sun.)


Jobs Schedule Keyboard Shortcut

On the Jobs Schedule View, hovering over an area the worker doesn't have a schedule build and holding cmd on a Mac or ctrl on a Windows CPU will bring up the option to assign this worker to an additional job.