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Labor Updates Log

Labor Updates Log

Quickly view and share upcoming or past updates with RIVET’s new Labor Updates Log. This log gives an overview of workers arriving and leaving jobs, as well as workers that have been hired, terminated, or are unavailable. It also highlights which jobs are starting and ending.

1. Select Labor Updates from the left-side navigation drawer. This will prompt a drawer to slide open on the right side of the screen.

Tip: Close the drawer by selecting the orange circle with a white triangle in the center. The closed drawer will follow you as you move through RIVET. To open, simply select the same orange icon. Exit Labor Updates by selecting the “x” found in the top right corner of the drawer.

2. Access a list of Upcoming or Past labor updates inside the drawer. Simply select Upcoming or Past to shift between update types.

3. Search for specific updates by selecting the magnifying glass found in the top right corner of the drawer. You can search by typing the name of a worker, a job, or the action performed such as “hire” or “termination”.

4. Updates are sharable via the arrow icon found next to the update with options for sending to workers, field leaders, and project managers.

Tip: Smoothly switch to the Action Log by selecting it from the left-navigation while the Labor Updates drawer is open.