RIVET Integrations

How do I integrate RIVET with other software?

There are many ways to integrate your data and systems with your RIVET account. To determine which way is best for you, review the following criteria:

Start by reviewing your server location:

Is your system on-premise (behind your firewall), or in the cloud?

1. RIVET Data Agent for on-premise systems

If your server is on-premise, then ask your IT expert if your system can support ODBC (open database connectivity).

Known on-premise systems that have ODBC connection: Sage 100, Sage 300, Quickbooks, Foundation, Trimble Vista.


2. Market Integration for cloud systems

If your server is in the cloud, then ask if RIVET has an existing integration for your system.

  • If RIVET has an existing integration, we add you to the integrations queue, typically completing the integration in less than 30 days
  • If RIVET does not have an existing integration, we will work with you to establish an integration with your provider. While that’s in the works, you can still integrate with RIVET via ETL Pipeline


3. RIVET ETL Pipeline for everything else

If you’re able to export your data from your current system into a spreadsheet on a regular cadence of your choice, then RIVET can provide a secure server for you to upload those files where they will be integrated with RIVET.

  • This is a great solution for customers waiting for full system integration with their preferred software but don’t want to wait for the benefits of synced data.
  • It’s also a great solution for those who use systems that don’t have the ability to do integrations, like ComputerEase.