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How do I edit my workforce?

Once you’ve added workers into your RIVET organization, you can edit worker profiles anytime, individually or in bulk.

To edit a single worker:

1. Navigate to the Workforce page from the options on the left-side Navigation Drawer.

2. Locate the worker you’d like to edit in the Workforce Table and select their name, which brings up the worker’s basic detail card.

3. Select Edit with the pencil icon to reveal all editable fields related to the worker.

4. Navigate through the tabs menu to edit Worker DetailsWorker TagsWorker NotesCertificationsAssignments or Schedules.

5. Click Save to save your changes.


To add multiple workers at once:

1. Navigate to the Workforce tab from the options on the left.

2. Select the Table view from the top left of the screen.

3. Use the checkboxes next to worker names to bulk edit multiple workers at once.

4. Once the boxes are checked off, two options appear above worker details bar in orange text: Edit multiple workers or Terminate multiple workers.

a. If you choose to Edit multiple workers, you will be prompted to edit details such as roles, worker details, and tags in one go!