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Bulk Invite Workers

When you’re ready to invite users to your RIVET account, you have the option to invite them individually or in bulk. Invite users individually from the Workforce Table. Configure the table to show Account Status by worker, and select the

To invite from the Workforce Table:

  1. Click Columns.
  2. To focus on invites, select hide all and then click on the box next to Account Status and click save. The table will highlight worker profiles that are incomplete, those that have had invites sent, as well as active users.
  3. Next, choose the users that you would like to invite to RIVET by checking the box next to their name.

Tip: Update any incomplete profiles that you would like to invite.

  1. Select Invite to Rivet. Choose to send as a text, email or both, and click send.

For Admin users:

Navigate to Manage Organization.

Select Invite all employees to Rivet. Choose to send the invite as a text, email or both. Click send.