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Action Log

Action Log

Easily track workforce, schedule, job, and equipment changes across your organization with RIVET’s Action Log. This new Action Drawer records who performed what and allows you to communicate moves with your team.

1. Select Action Log from the left-side navigation. This will prompt the Action Drawer to slide open on the right side of the screen.

Tip: Close the drawer by selecting the orange circle with a white triangle in the center. The closed drawer will follow you as you move through RIVET. To open, simply select the same orange icon. Exit the Action Drawer by selecting the “x” found in the top right corner of the drawer.

2. View changes in real time. This will include any actions from the schedule builder (assignments, transfers, cleared schedules) as well as batching, created profiles, terminations, rehires, transfers and availability.

3. Select the white “v” to expand and view details of an action. Click the job, worker, or equipment name to pull up the baseball card associated with the action.

4. Share changes with your team by selecting the arrow icon next to the action.

Tip: If you send a message from the Action Drawer, it will be marked as sent, indicated by a blue circle.

5. Filter the drawer by selecting Action from the top of the drawer. Here you can filter the log by changes in the schedule, job, worker, or equipment.

6. You can also sort the drawer by Staff which will populate a list of actions taken by the specific user.

7. Search for specific actions by selecting the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the drawer. This will open a search bar that you can type into.

Important: Dispatch does not get recorded in the Action Log. Dispatching is recorded in the Messaging Center.

8. The Action Log now records labor requests by tracking placeholders.