12.6.23 Release Notes

Customer requests, product improvements

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Overall performance enhancements
  • Clear 'loading' indication when RIVET is processing data
  • Labor Demand Full Screen overlay fixed
  • Terminated worker showing in Labor Updates fixed
  • Default Labor Rate targeting in Manage Org fixed
  • Unfilled Positions sort on Roster Board can now be saved
  • Add/Remove profile picture performance improvements
  • Action Log updated to show dates further back in history
  • Ability to terminate a worker without a hire date fixed
  • Two workers/jobs at the same address are now sorted properly in the Map Feature
  • Case sensitive file type for uploaded pictures fixed
  • Duplicate dispatch messages fixed
  • Worker Role on past job assignments maintains as system of record
  • Search function in Tags drop down fixed
  • Hire Date when creating a Worker will be 'unknown' until edited
  • Map greyed out when editing a job fixed
  • Default Field Leader permissions will not view tags
  • Rearranging roles in Manage Org fixed
  • Browser zoom level hiding 'send' button on messages fixed
  • Updated properties added to past saved views
  • Minimizing a message deletes the body of the message fixed
  • Send dispatch to 'all field leaders involved in transfer' fixed
  • Saved Views duplicate possibilities fixed
  • Insert Roster Table in a message now accounts for absences
  • Deleted Tags in Manage Org will fall off of Baseball Card successfully