07.12.23 Release Notes

Tweaks & Improvements


We made the following improvements based on your feedback

  • There is now better visibility on when a job is ending from the jobs table view. Under the End Date column, jobs ending in 30 days or less are color formatted to yellow and jobs that are past their target end date are red. (Pictured below).

  • You can now view workforce breakdown on the roster card by grouping and viewing by worker display groups. (Pictured below).

  • A warning will appear when changing a jobs status to complete from the job baseball card.
  • Visibility on the last time the forecast was updated has been added to the Forecast view.
  • You can view workers that are flagged for transfer on the Workforce Table
  • Labor rates are sortable in the Roster Report

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when viewing worker profiles
  • Fixed issue with incongruent schedule drawer behavior
  • Fixed issue with duplicate job status labels
  • Fixed issue with editing addresses in bulk edit worker modal
  • Fixed issue with tracking absence history
  • Increased duration of time a transfer flag note is visible on mobile
  • Fixed a permissions issue for the workforce schedule
  • Fixed an issue with duplicates in add worker dropdown
  • Fixed an issue with worker tags
  • Fixed an issue with clearing a worker’s schedule from the baseball card